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Monday-thursday 08.00-17.00
Friday 08.00-15.00


The Tourist information in Klippan is closed. Please visit one of our InfoPoints if you need help.


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Welcome to the Municipality of Klippan

Kommuninformation på engelska.

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How to get to Klippan

Welcome to Klippan and to the beautiful countryside around the Söderåsen Ridge. The perfect spot in the south of Sweden if you want to enjoy spectacular scenery, visit unique sights, stay overnight in exciting accommodation and savour traditional Skåne fare.

The E4 European highway and the Rv 13 and Rv 21 trunk roads run through the municipality, as well as the Helsingborg — Hässleholm railway line. Helsingborg is one of the largest ports in Sweden and also has a 24-hour ferry connection to Helsingör in Denmark. Scheduled airline services operate from the airport at Ängelholm and, for smaller craft, the municipality runs its own airport, Ljungbyhed Airport. The Öresund Bridge is only 50 minutes away.

Visit our InfoPoints

An InfoPoint is a Tourist Information spot at hotels, tourist attractions, cafés etc. The staff at our InfoPoints can help you with your questions and also hand out maps and brochures. Please note that the open hours may vary! Visit the web sites below for more information.

Our InfoPoints are listed from north to south.

(Lat 56°12'54.7"N, Long 13°5'9.4"E)
Fastarp 4452, 264 94 Klippan
+46 435 215 30
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Lilla Trulla Gårdshotell
(Lat 56°11'17.5"N, Long 13°2'17.4"E)
Bolestad 4806, 264 94 Klippan
+46 76 795 37 25
Öppettider/Opening hoursexternal link

Dymöllans Ålrökeri
(Lat 56° 6′ 52.27″N, Long 13° 5′ 38.69″E)
Sejbro & Son AB, Dymöllan 2359, 264 92 Klippan
+46 435 152 43
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Conditori Hjärtat
(Lat 56°8’7.1″N, Long 13°7’47.2″E)
Järnvägsgatan 32
264 33 Klippan
+46 435 103 30
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Sweet Harmony Glutenfritt AB
(Lat 56°8'4.6"N, Long 13°7'54.8"E)
Bruksgatan 29, 264 33 Klippan
+46 76 318 77 75
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Klippans bibliotek
(Lat 56°7'59.8"N, Long 13°8'13.2"E)
Storgatan 9, 264 80 Klippan
+46 435 281 76
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S:t Petri Kyrka
(Lat 56°7’59.9″N, Long 13°8’31.1″E)
264 35 Klippan
+46 435 296 80
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Bjärhus gårdsbutik
(Lat 56°7'58.2"N, Long 13°12'17.9"E )
Bjärhus 7738, 264 93 Klippan
+46 435 102 95
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Lucy's In The Sky
(Lat 56°4'24.11"N, Long 13°13'44.41"E)
Thulinvägen 1, 264 51 Ljungbyhed
+46 723 541 346
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Ljungbyheds Militärhistoriska Museum
(Lat 56°4'43.7"N, Long 13°13'56.2"E)
Tummelisas väg 4, 260 70 Ljungbyhed
+46 435 44 04 19
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Skäralids Restaurang
(Lat 56°2’19.6″N, Long 13°15’5.6″E)
Söderåsens Nationalpark
Skäralid 747
264 53 Ljungbyhed
+46 435 442 332
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Skäralids Camping & Vandrarhem
(Lat 56°2'18.6"N, Long 13°15'14.7"E)
Skäralid 750, 264 53 Ljungbyhed
+46 702 442 085
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