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In the municipality of Klippan you can chose to live in the larger communities of Klippan, Östra Ljungby and Ljungbyhed. Parts of the municipality also offer a more rural environment with a calm and relaxed feeling. In the larger communities apartments are available, for rent and purchase, as well as houses of different size and style.

Renting a home
In the municipality of Klippan there are several companies that offer apartments for rent.
There is also a public housing corporation owned by the municipality of Klippan called Treklövern. They have apartments in Klippan, Ljungbyhed, Östra Ljungby och Stidsvig. 
For further information visit Treklövern.sexternal link, opens in new windoweexternal link, opens in new window

Buying a home
There are a few different ways to buy your home in the municipality of Klippan.
You can find a house or appartment on websites that lists properties for sale in the area.
In klippan there are some local real estate agents that can help you find your new home.