The Municipality of Klippan

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For information about Business and enterprise, contact:
Anders Lindberg
Business Developer
Phone: +46 (0)435-285 69

Opening hours

Information office
Monday-thursday 08.00-17.00
Friday 08.00-15.00


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In Klippan you will find excellent schools, leisure activities, a beneficial environment for businesses and of course friendly neighbors. 17 000 call the municipality of Klippan home. The municipality covers an area of 376 km2 and contains beautiful forest areas, rich farmland and charming small towns.

Several schools are found in the area, from preschool to upper secondary school. Childcare for our youngest citizens is also provided by the municipality.
You can read more about our schools and childcare here.

Business and enterprise
Klippan has a long tradition of trade and commerce, with businesses spanning from one-man enterprises to large specialized companies in the transport, engineering, foodstuffs, paper, wood and plastics industries. Many companies have chosen the municipality as their location, mostly due to the advantageous position in the area of North West Skåne. The public transportation is good and larger roads are just a short drive away. We welcome everyone who wishes to establish their company in Klippan and will do the best we can to assist you.

The municipality of Klippan is a part of the Family Helsingborgexternal link, opens in new window, a collaboration between 11 municipalities in the North West Skåne.


The Municipal Council
Swedish democracy is based on the concept of representative democracy. This means that decisions are made by elected representatives in decision-making assemblies, that is, Parliament, county council assemblies and municipal councils. The municipal council is the municipality´s highest decision-making body, a sort of "municipal parliament". The council is elected every four years in general elections, at the same time as the parliamentary and county council elections.

The municipal council comprises 41 permanent members and 26 deputy members. During the 2018 - 2022 term the distribution of seats for the 41 members is as follows:

Centre Party 3
Liberal Party 1
Christian Democrat Party 3
Moderate Party 7
Social Democratic Party 10
Left Party 1
Swedish Green Party 1
Swedish Democrat Party 13
The local party Vår framtid - Klippan 2

The municipal council makes decisions regarding both general and fundamental matters, such as goals and guidelines for their own work, the budget, municipal tax, tariffs and fees. The council also decides on the organization of the municipal committees and boards, and appoints their members and deputies. The municipal council meets once every month, except in July. The meetings are open to the public.